Preschool teacher

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Sa Dec Province

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Job Description


Carry out teaching, planning, writing assignments, organizing activities of caring and education as planned.
Support gifted teachers in gifted classes
Weekly report on child care and education to the school board.
Write the diary to the sixth parent weekly
Take pictures of the activities of the children in the class, select the image to wash and paste in the child's diary at the end of the month


Carry out the work of early childhood teachers, care and safety for children.
Measure the child at the end of the month and post the weighing message in the class message board

Job Requirement

  • Graduated in pedagogy and related majors.
  • Computer skills: Use Microsoft Office and other professional applications. Excludes the job placement and support.
  • Personality and health: Energetic, enthusiastic, cooperative with colleagues, have a sense of responsibility for work and good health.

Welfare Policy

  • Insurance as prescribed
  • Travel allowance Shuttle
  • Travel abroad
  • Uniform
  • Reward
  • Health care
  • Training Raises
  • Per diem
  • Seniority allowances
  • Vacation mode


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