The Gold Beehive Multi-Intelligences Preschool - TGB Preschool

The Gold Beehive Multi-Intelligences Preschool - TGB Preschool

This is a more advanced version developed from the program of the To Ong Vang Preschool, Which is carefully selected and integrated based on the criteria of comprehensive development for children in three fields of EDUCATION - NUTRITION - MEDICINE.

The Gold Beehive believes that each child carries his or her own identity, and understanding the child is the key to a well-rounded education approach. We select from a variety of international copyright programs, focusing specifically on Multi-Intelligence to help children recognize and develop their potential, explore a whole new world around them and practice skills from real life experiences. In addition, children’s healthcare and nutrition is well examined and brought to the schoolhouse by doctors and experts of their chosen fields.

We aim to build a happy, positive and kind surroundings so that children at TGB Preschool can grow up physically and mentally healthy. With the message "Where we enjoy happy moments with our kids", we wish to accompany you in various listening - sharing activities in order to constantly improve the teaching and childcare at the schoolhouse.

Raising children is a great journey which is full of happiness as well as challenges and worries. But above all else, if each of us truly respects and understands these lovely "little angels", there are no barriers big enough to prevent them from growing up healthy and joyful.

Under the international standards of kindergarten, in addition to the basic standards and requirements, what makes TGB proud to bring different benefits, integration for children and parents, that is:


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